Curious to know about us? There you go then:-


Andreas is founding member of the team. Having a background in IT security and certifications as well. Andreas loves to pwn machines specifically Vulnhub and HackTheBox and work on something which interests him.


DCAU is the creator of the DC series of “vulnerable challenges”. With a background in IT, web development and pawnbroking, DCAU loves nothing more than finding interesting ways to solve problems (or creating interesting problems for others to solve). Linux for life!


Grumpy old hacker who pwns things for a living and CTF’s for a hobby. A classical nerd.


Started hacking as passion and interest, mzfr has gained quite a lot of experience in penetration testing and he loves making projects which help in assisting the pentesting. With a background in programming and forensics gained from over countless CTF, he is working hard to become a penetration tester.


Over the past year Damian has developed a keen interest for CTFs and security stuffs. With a background in IT and working knowledge of exploit development and reverse engineering, he has gained the ability to comprehend and analyse complex code, making things work the way he wants them to.


Over the past year Mylo has been participating in CTFs on multiple platforms including Hack The Box, VulnHub and Wizard Sec Labs. After working on these machines and gaining technical knowledge from working within the computer industry, Mylo has become proficient in computer networking and understanding computer software.